Sunday, December 4, 2011

The new man in my life.

So, this morning was supposed to be my one morning this week to sleep in. However, I found myself facing bites to the face at 6am, forcing me to wake up very angry.

Then, I had the pleasure of listening to the squeak of a puppy chewing a flip flop not 3 inches from my face. Have you ever heard the sound of puppy teeth gnawing on rubber? It's very similar to nails on a chalkboard but with a much higher risk of bites to the face.

This is Atticus.

Atticus is the little bundle of joy who can't seem to understand that I need one freakin moment of peace once in awhile.

He's a Momma's boy. This means that wherever Momma goes, Atticus goes. Kitchen. Couch. Bed. Toilet. Shower. I have no sanctuary.

I can usually keep him occupied for approximately 10 minutes at a time. Then, he's biting my feet or my boobs or my face and I have to find a new distraction for him to play with. 10 minutes later...repeat.

This is why I've been so absent. I can't seem to get anything done, let alone sit and blog. It's so frustrating.

We try to take turns on puppy patrol. He needs constant monitoring because he gets into everything. Atticus just has a thing for his Mommy though, so it usually backfires.

I try to hide out somewhere for a few minutes and do what I need to do. Whether it's folding laundry, cleaning the floors, taking a shower, blogging. He always finds me.


Then, I end up with piles of clothes on the dressers, dirty hair and neglected Bitz.

This is my life now. I'm very close to locking myself in the spider cubby with a bottle of wine and my laptop.

I kinda need a break sometimes. Don't judge.

It is all our doing though. We are totally to blame.

We returned from our honeymoon and picked up Atticus. The timing was horrible. The in-laws (and their dogs) were still remodeling the kitchen and our house was turned upside down (still is to some extent). Our roomate had just moved in downstairs. We had people, stuff and dogs everywhere.

A puppy? Sure. Why not!

I had planned on getting him a few weeks after we returned. However, I heard rumors that the puppies weren't being fed and hadn't gotten their shots and I had to investigate. When we went to see him, it was pretty bad. There was poop everywhere. He had no water. He was skinny. I just took him. There was no question.

He came home with me that day and our lives have not been the same. It's been a real challenge raising a puppy. We were still grieving for our Skye girl. We were still trying to put our house back together. We were just trying to adjust to everything. Adding a very hyper, bite happy puppy to the mix was not the best idea for our sanity.

I try to remind him every day that we saved his little fat ass and he should be grateful. I don't think he cares.

It's not all bad though. Don't get me wrong. He is pretty adorable. He's snuggly and wiggly and fat, just like a puppy should be. He does funny things like barking at his reflection and tripping over the ginormous stick he likes to carry around the yard.

We love the little guy.

He is a handsome little devil. Don't ya think?
I guess we'll keep him. ;)


  1. He's SO stinkin' cute! <3 What kind of a dog is he?

  2. cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute *dies*


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