Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bah humbug...or whatever.

I think the stress of the past 6 months is finally catching up with me. I'm having that mental breakdown that's been long overdue.

Of course, it probably has a lot to do with TOM stopping by for a nice holiday visit.

Who knows.

I just know that if I don't get it together, someone is going to end up with a lump of coal's just bad.

I'm yelling at MB for no reason. I'm yelling at the dog for no...well, for various reasons. I'm just letting my yelling get way out of control. I'm going from 0 to 60 in seconds flat and it isn't pretty.

We certainly have our fair share of stress. We still haven't had time to put our house back together or get any of our winterizing stuff done. We are still adjusting to having a roomate and all of the intrusion that brings. Plus, we have Atticus, who occupies our every waking moment.

It's chaos!

Neither one of us has been able to get back on track with our Fat Fighting. That's only making things worse.


Thank God for Spanx. That's all I can say about that right now.

I don't know, peeps. I have so much to be thankful for right now. So, why the hell can't I let go of the little things and focus on those things?

I mean, I can. I just keep forgetting that.

Perhaps a reminder tattoo is in order. Too bad I'm so fainty in the presence of needles.


At least, this little gem is on netflix right now.

I know what I'll be watching tonight.

How will you be coping with your holiday stress?


  1. Oh, dude. It's rough over here. Two of us unemployed, no Christmas gifts on our end, self-loathing overtaking me, the possibility of a move to another province... Let's just say Ativan has been my BFF this week. I'd love to just go to bed and wake up in January.

    P.S. Totes thought that said reindeer tattoo and thought that was... interesting. ;)

  2. I shall be sleeping and sleeping some more. :) Oh and if it's hot, sleeping on the beach.

  3. I hit an ungodly low point several years ago and, despite my enormous fear of needles, got a reminder tattoo and I've never regretted it. It's the Chinese symbol for HOPE, so that when I get the blues and think life can't get any worse, I can look at my tattoo and remember that there's always hope.

    I'm sorry you're missing Skye so much. Someone once told me that it takes half as long as the relationship to fully mourn it. Now, they were talking about a past boyfriend, but I think it would doubly apply to a beloved pet.


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