Friday, May 6, 2011

Nothing to be ashamed of here.

If you know me at all, you know I'm a dog lover.

Particularly, my gorgeous Skye girl.

But, really?

No dog is safe from me. I have many dogs in my life and they are all special to me.

Just ask my gorgeous canine nephew and niece who get spoiled by me as often as possible.

I encourage them both to be lap dogs. My brother doesn't appreciate that.

There's also my Mom's dog who is very grumpy and sometimes likes to bite.
You can still see the bite marks on my hand from the last time I saw him.

He doesn't look like a meanie, does he?

Hell, I even love the creepy neighbor's dog.

So, what's up with all the doggy love today?

Well, I just wanted to reaffirm my love for dogs since a coworker recently mocked it. She commented on how much I love my dog, as if it were a thing to be ashamed of.

It offended me a little bit.

Maybe she doesn't realize that my Skye girl was an abused dog living on the streets before she met us. She was misunderstood. Mistreated. She never really learned what it was like to be a dog until she found a home with us.

Since she joined our family, she has learned to play. Learned to trust. Learned to relax. Learned to love.

She has become a completely different dog and I marvel at this every day. She still has her moments. She always will. But, that only helps to remind us of how far she's truly come.

Aside from what we've given her, she has given us so much more.

She has taught us patience. Kindness. Forgiveness. She has taught us what it's like to just have fun again. There is no stress reliever like seeing the sheer joy on her face when you even hint about a walk. The pure fun of prancing through the park. The big silly grin she flashes at you when you come home from a long day.

You just can't help but forget all your worries and grin right along with her.

So, I don't care what anyone says. I think she deserves all the love we can spare and then some. I'm not going to apologize for it.

Do I really have to justify loving a face like that?
Come on!

So, tell me. Are you an animal person?
Do non-animal people ever make you feel silly about it?


  1. I absolutely adore dogs! Cats not so much.
    There's a young lady who works with me (actually becoming a very good friend), and she's a doggy mommy too. Her little min-pin is her baby, and that's all there is to it. Not everyone at work understands this, and she gets teased somewhat. But you know what? Anyone that mocks it has not experienced it.
    I think Skye is a wonderful example of love given freely.
    Give her a doggy treat for me. :)

  2. Team Dog FTW! And screw the judgemental assholes - haters gonna hate.


  3. How did I not know your blog! I quasi-peed laughing already twice reading some of your posts... Yes, that is a compliment!

  4. TOTAL animal person here! I'm down to one dog...but for many years we had three. The house was full! Its now the dog and a beta fish Lil Duck named Guinea Pig. I think we'll be adding a cat to the mix soon and no doubt there will be many more animals in the zoo before she moves out. She's quite the animal lover as well. And our dogs have never been just dogs. They sleep on the bed...the couch...have their own pillows and blankets. Special treats and meals and we bake doggie cookies for them.

    A real animal person would take one look at Skye's photo and just KNOW how awesome she is and you are!


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