Thursday, April 28, 2011

Things I have discovered about myself (and the cruel, cruel world) as I plan my wedding...

I am terrified of tulle, taffeta and all things foofy.

The idea of an open bar for 5 hours both excites me and frightens me.

I am equally terrified of all things related to make up, cosmetics, etc.

The word 'wedding' attached to any word, phrase or sentence automatically adds an extra charge of $792. For each time the word is repeated or implied, the price goes up by 78%.

My mother is probably going to drive me into the loony bin. Seriously. She cried at Michaels when we bought the invitations. Then she called me two days after buying the invitations to tell me which stamps the post office had. She repeatedly tries to sneak a preacher into my ceremony, refusing to accept that fact that our friend is officiating. She...I have to stop before I explode.

My mother is also going to be salvation through all of this. She may drive me crazy, but I feel blessed to have her here to help me.

The pup is not cut out to be a ring bearer. Don't ask how we ruled her out. Just trust me.

MB and I have very different ideas of what an appropriate first dance song should be. Right now, it's Metallica vs Alison Krauss. Yeah.

I desperately want to try caramel apple flavored candy corn. Did you know they make such a thing?

I'm probably going to turn into a complete crazy person trying to organize, plan and budget all the crap that needs to organized, planned and budgeted. There's already a wedding section in my day planner, a notebook full of random ideas, notes, pictures and brain spewage and a pile of magazines and catalogs full of wedding crap. This doesn't include all the wedding crap running through my brain 24/7.

Why did I agree to all this nuptial nonsense?

Oh yeah. Love. (teeheehee)


  1. There's an award for you on my blog!! Pass it on! :)

  2. Did I miss a setting of the date?!? Am I a complete asshole??? D:

  3. ahhhh love...yes.... tis a wonderful thing. I would've eloped if I could have. If I ever do it again I am SO TOTALLY just running away and coming back and throwing one big ass party.



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