Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You know your fridge and freezer are on the fritz when...

...the temperature keeps resetting itself to -5. need to microwave the butter before using it because it's rock hard. pitcher of iced tea is frozen solid while the other is just a pitcher full of slush.

...your iceberg lettuce actually has little icebergs on it.

...the water in the door is completely frozen forcing you to drink water from the tap.

...your bottle of diet coke has become a diet coke slushee. Okay, that one's kind of fun. need tongs to remove anything from the freezer because your skin will stick to all the way too frozen items resulting in frostbite. have to seek help from your interwebs peeps to find out how to fix it because you know nothing about fridges or freezers.

Any suggestions peeps?

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