Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Siberian Princess and projectile poop.

Dear lady from the park today,

I would like to inform you that the park in our neighborhood is not a dog park. If it were a dog park, it would be perfectly acceptable to unleash your dog and allow him to run freely.

However, it is not. You may have noticed this by the fact that none of the other dogs in the park were off their leashes. Just yours.

When you see another dog, who is leashed, approaching your unleashed dog, you really should have the courtesy to leash your dog, even if it is only to allow the leashed dog to pass through without incident.

When you see the owner of said leashed dog, redirecting her dog away from your unleashed dog, who is running wild and being generally unruly, you should take heed of that. This indicates that you should leash your dog.

When you see that your dog is running away from you and over to said leashed dog, and is not responding to your calls to him, you should run after him. And leash him.

When you see that the owner of said leashed dog is trying to position herself between your unruly, unleashed dog who is now running directly towards said leashed dog at full speed, you should probably get your dog. And leash him.

It isn't personal. Not every dog likes to play. Not every dog likes to socialize.
Some dogs, like said leashed and very well behaved dog, happen to be deaf and therefore exist in their own little world. They are often oblivious to the presence of other dogs. When they finally see that another dog is barreling towards them, they are caught off guard and often respond with their teeth.

So, when you see that your dog is about to run directly into the teeth of another dog, you should definitely get your dog. And leash him.

It really isn't fair to make the leashed, very well behaved, deaf dog turn around and go home just because you don't know the rules of dog etiquette.

So, don't cop an attitude with me, lady. If it happens again, that little bag of poop I often have to carry around will be projectiled. I have excellent aim when I am angry. Just saying.

Sincerely yours,
The Siberian Princess' Poop Projectiling Mommy


  1. People make me homicidal, too.

    I love that tag, though I'm sorry that the bad doggy mommy ran you guys off.

  2. Good lord... even our blogs get stoopid spam.

    I just wanted to say how pretty I think you're dog is... would LOVE to have a dog again.


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