Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wait. I'm the alpha dog, right?

My weekend off.
Oh how I have been looking forward to this.

I started off by sleeping in. Duh.
Well, trying to sleep in. It's hard to do when you hear the grumbling of the pup awakening at your feet.

Sometimes, it's a false alarm and she's just stretching or repositioning. You won't know for sure until you hear the jingle of her tags as she rises. Then you hear the grumble/howl that means 'I'm up and I have to pee'.

If you don't respond to that, you hear the tap-tap-tap of her toenails on the floor as she comes to your side of the bed and repeats the grumble/howl. Then it's the stealthy face move.

Most of the time, I think she has wandered away or gone back to sleep. When I roll over and find her face right in my face, it's rather alarming.

She huffs. She howls. I get up. She tap-tap-taps behind me. She runs around the yard inspecting everything. I get impatient. She comes back inside. We stumble back to bed.

Repeat in approximately 2 hours and then hourly after that.

Once MB got home this morning, I figured she would go nudge him to let her out. Instead, she kept pacing back and forth from my face to the door, my face to the door, my face to the door. Tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap-tap.

I tried to reason with her from the comfort of my blanket fortress. "Puppers, you just went out. You don't need to go out."


"Come on puppers. Mommy needs to sleep."


"Puppers. Seriously. You can't have to pee. You have food. You have water. All your needs are met. Please lay down."


"Daddy's downstairs. Why don't you go get him."



And then, of course I still get up because I feel guilty for yelling at the dog. I really think she knows what she's doing sometimes.

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