Thursday, September 9, 2010

This is not a revolution.

Sometimes I do the right thing.
Most of the time, I do just enough to get by.

For example...this morning, I had the opportunity to be a good samaritan but I didn't.

I was in the drive through at Dunkin Donuts. I got a bagel to eat for my lunch and an iced coffee. The bagel was because I was too lazy last night to fix a salad or anything for lunch and figured that would be the easy way to go. The coffee was because I hate spending so little in a drive through and felt the need to justify using my credit card.

I know, I have issues.

Anyinsecureweirdo, there was a Prius in front of me who had just pulled away from the window. As he pulled off, the DD (Dunkin Donuts, not Dungeons and Dragons because that wouldn't make any sense) guy leaned out the window waving Prius guy's credit card. Apparently Prius guy forgot to take it.

He must've been in a big hurry to go recycle something. That's what Prius people do, right?

AnyIrecycletoosostopjudgingandrelax, the guy drove off without noticing the panic sticken DD guy waving a credit card like a maniac.

Here's where I come in.

I could've easily honked for the guy to get his attention. Of course, he had already turned the corner by the time I noticed it was a credit card in the DD guy's hand. Prius guy probably would've thought I was honking at his "stop bitching, start a revolution" bumper sticker.

I'm not interested in having anyone think I'm starting a revolution. I don't need that kind of responsibility in my life. The desire to spend large amounts of time on the couch in my pajamas is too strong.

Anymykindofchangeischangingthechannel, I didn't honk.

My only other option was to engage in a high speed chase with Prius guy in order to catch him and tell him that he left his credit card behind.

That really isn't an option because then I would be the crazy lady who is chasing Prius guy down. While my intentions would be good, such actions could be misinterpreted. Badly.

Plus, I would've lost my place in line and never gotten my bagel or my coffee that I didn't really want, but really enjoyed.

Unless, the lady behind me had seen what I was doing and held my place in line. The odds of that little scenario playing out well are slim. I think her kindness would've resulted in lots of honking that would've turned into a revolution/riot from all the other coffee and bagel seekers behind her.

That would not have been pretty.

So, Prius guy is suffering through the day without his credit card and may or may not be driving himself crazy trying to figure out where the hell he left it.

Such is life though. Suck it up Prius guy.

In case you are interested, I also have issues with cake. Go here to read about that.

1 comment:

  1. Hmmmm, that's a tough call, but I might've gone with "That's my bone-carded neighbor, always leaving his credit card everywhere he goes. Here, I'll return it."

    Then... shopping spree!


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