Monday, July 19, 2010

Probably the suckiest thing you'll read today.

I'm playing along with Travis today and his Memoir Monday thingy. It's pretty fun. So is he. You should check him out here.

So, I got suckered into dogsitting this weekend.
This is the kind of friend I am.
Easily suckered.
Remember when I got suckered into wearing eyeliner?
No? Go here.
I'll wait.

All caught up?
I'm a sucker.

So, the same friend that suckered me into beautifying myself also suckered me into dogsitting.
To be fair, when I'm presented with the opportunity to do anything involving dogs, there isn't much suckering that needs to happen.
Because, I'm a sucker for dogs.
I'll do just about anything for a furry face. Especially one as cute as this one:

She's so adorable and gives me puppy kisses and jumps in my lap...

Before I get too much further into this little tale, I'd like to say that I do like Mylie a great deal. I also like her humans a lot. KRiz and NaPo, remember that as you are reading this, if you are reading this. :)

Anysuckup, Mylie arrived on Thursday afternoon with her crate, her stuffed dragon and all her other necessities. She entered the house and immediately ran upstairs where Skye was standing. Skye responded to her arrival by barking at her and then peeing on the floor, as if to say 'this is mine, bitch'.

This was off to an awesome start.

Anyhuskies, I cleaned up pee and then proceeded to head to the grocery store. The plan was to crate Mylie in the guest room and leave them for an hour or so to see what happened.

We had already decided that Mylie would be in her crate when we weren't home to monitor things. For safety reasons. The safety of our Skye girl as well as all of our stuff.
You see, Mylie has pretty much destroyed the entire downstairs of her home.

This fact should have been a deterrent.

Anyevildog, I came home to find Mylie standing at the top of the stairs surrounded by all of Skye's toys and a majority of their stuffing which was now all over my floor. Skye was standing in the background wondering if the evil bitch would be going the hell home already.

But, Mylie was crated, you might be thinking. Well, that's what I was thinking too. Apparently her will to destroy my house was stronger than the bars that were meant to contain her.

I envisioned some sort of battering ram type motion. I checked the wall directly in the battering line, but there were no Husky head imprints. I guess she could only propel herself so far.

After I duct tape the crate together and 'punished' Mylie by exiling her to the backyard where she can run around and play (cruel, right?), I cried just a little (probably pms induced).
The kind of 'what the hell was I thinking but it's too late to say no because KRiz and NaPo are getting married tomorrow and need me to do this for them' crying.

Maybe you know what I'm talking about.

So, I sucked it up and tried to make the best of the situation.
I got no sleep Thursday night. Mylie would not calm down and go to sleep. I tried letting her sleep in the bed but she just kept diving off of the bed and onto Skye girl who was trying to sleep in her bed at the foot of our bed.

I ended up chasing Mylie around for a half hour to get her into her crate so we could all get some sleep. I hated doing it and it broke my heart hearing her cry all night, but it had to be done.

Things were fine after that except for feeding time which turned into fighting time. I almost lost an elbow trying to break the girls up one time. Sheesh.

Here are some snippets of what could be heard repeatedly in the Bitz household this weekend:
-MYLIE! Get down!

-MYLIE! Do not jump on Skye!

-MYLIE! That is NOT your food!

-MYLIE! That is NOT your bed!


-MYLIE! Get out of the trash!

-MYLIE! Get out of the fish pond!

-Alright, who peed?

-MYLIE! Do not jump that fence!


-MYLIE! No eating underwear!

-MYLIE! Where did you get that?!


-MYLIE! I'm peeing! Get out of the bathroom!

-MYLIE! Get your face out of my shower!

-MYLIE! Move over, you're hogging the bed!


-MYLIE! Get your toy off of my computer/my face/my lap/my bed/the table/etc. It's wet! Ewwww.

Good times.

The weekend can pretty much be summed up in the following picture:

That is Mylie destroying one of Skye's toys while Skye* pretends not to notice what is happening and drifts off to a dreamland where she is once again the only Siberian Princess in the castle.

Don't get me wrong, we did enjoy having the Mylie Monster for the weekend. She is a sweetheart.

Of course, we would take Mylie back in a heartbeat. We are still suckers for that adorable little face.
We are just so not ready for a puppy!

Can you relate to the puppy antics? What's the worst thing you've ever gotten suckered into for a friend?
Do tell.

*I know, Skye is in desperate need of grooming! She has an appointment. Don't worry, my dog loving peeps. She's far from being neglected!

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  1. Bah ha ha - that story is a sitcom episode... I can't say that's ever happened to me, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm really glad of it :D

    ummm, at leat it was a learning experience...?

    Thanks for the comment BTW... let's do this :)


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