Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Is this what Glee is like?

So, I went out last night to play Team Trivia. This is something we do every week. We pretty much kick ass. We are usually in the top two if we aren't the winners.
Anybraggingrights, last night was a little off. Let me tell you about it.
I drive into the city to meet my peeps at the bar. On my way there, of course I encounter jackassery. It just wouldn't be a day on the road without some asshole doing something to annoy me.
So, I'm at the red light and this guy pulls up behind me with the stereo blasting. This is a huge pet peeve for me. If I wanted to listen to the crap he was listening to, I would be. But, I'm not. So, turn it down!
Anywantmetorevengeblastmybluegrassasshole, I give him the stinkeye in my rearview. That's when I notice that he's wearing his hat cocked (giggity) to the side and his girlfriend is a super skinny blonde with a cute outfit and very stylish shades. I hate them.
As I pull into the parking lot of the bar and look for a space, here comes the little bastard. He flies into the parking lot and squeals into the space I was eyeing. Grrrr.
Of course, him and his little hoebag are also going to trivia. Dammit.
They even took our table. That's the table we occupy every week, bastards. It's on. It. is. on.
We position ourselves within eyesight of the bastards and their crew. There was a whole gang of them - all outfitted and obnoxious. What type of man matches his tshirt to his sneakers and to his hat? Come on.
Anyqueereye, those bastards put on quite a little show. There were about twenty of them all sitting together. They were very animated, loud, overly dramatic, not very funny and all very into how cool they thought they looked. They danced as if they were on stage. They lip synched to every song with dramatic inflection. They bellowed snarky comments to everything the dj said. They air guitared to Weezer and did the crotchy moondance to Michael Jackson.
Hell, they even sang NKOTB in unison when they were requesting it. I thought they would all break out into a choreographed routine when the song actually came on, complete with outfit changes.
Needless to say, I hated them more and more with each antic. I was trying to get the boys on our team to rumble with them West Side Story style but they weren't having it.
Anysnazzydancestabs, they tried to give us a run for our money but we kicked their asses. One of their boys who I assume to be the leader told us to eff off after our victory. He tried to act like he was joking, but I know it was heartfelt. I may throw tortilla chips at them next week.
Wanna play along with the trivia victor?
Without googling, how much did the first pair of Levi Strauss jeans sell for? Take a guess.

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