Sunday, June 20, 2010

Bringing the sexy.

Hi peeps!
I'm back from vacation. Yay! I feel like I went through blog withdrawal. A whole week.
It was hell.
As if you even missed me. Puhleese.

Anyway, my week at the beach was great (photos to come). I spent most of my time soaking up the sun with my toes in the sand.


I spent my week MB-less. He had to work unfortunately and couldn't join me. I feel like I went through MB withdrawal too.
So, once I got back home, I decided to bring the sexiness and romance to my beloved betrothed.

The first thing I did was get him to apply massive amounts of lotion to my very sunburned and blistery back. Since it was my first day on the beach this year, I decided to use spf 6. Brilliant.
Of course slathering lotion onto my pink, bubbly backfat was a turn on. Who could resist that sexiness?
That's right, no one.

Anysexkitten, it was on to the main event. It was a hot, humid Saturday night. Perfect night to get together with your favorite honey and...clean algae from the fish pond.

We drained the water and scooped all the fish into an inflatable salad bar (go here to check it out), which turned out to be perfect for the job. Then I put on some hot little green neon sweat shorts and a white tee and we tackled the pond. We took turns getting into the pond in order to scoop out the muck. I took first shift because it was my bright idea. I figured it would be much easier to clean the pond if we were actually in the pond.
Super smart.

What did we wear for the muck-scooping?

Sexy, right?
I totally rocked the look. MB wore it, but he didn't rock it.
Just picture it - my fat ass in those boots, neon shorts, those yellow vinyl gloves and tons of green pond muck all over me.

That wasn't the end of our romantic evening. Oh no.
Spending all that time out in the hot, hot sun gave me a killer migraine.

When The Beast gets triggered by heat exhaustion, it results in what I like to call The Beast Barf Fest. It hits hard and fast and I'm bent over the toilet for hours, crying and barfing.

That was how we spent our first day together all week.
Poor MB.


  1. You are too funny. I'm so jealous. Can't wait to see more pics.

  2. The beach looks beautiful! Glad you had a good time.-Mismaelstrom

  3. WELCOME BACK!!!! You were missed and I'm glad you had fun. Aside from the whole heatstroke barfing thing.

  4. is that your personal barbie doll???

    Great stuff HA HA HAHAHAHAH


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