Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twitterings (yep, that's a word).

Okay Twitter.

We need to come to some sort of understanding here.

It seems that you are allowing people to befriend me under false pretenses.

How can you let my tweets get so misunderstood?

Remember that whole Karate Kid incident? (go here)

Well, it looks like it's happening again. The world of Tweeters is taking my words and using them against me.
What in the world did I tweet that would make someone think I needed a program like this:
The Rescue You Program is the only resource on infidelity written to heal both the panic and pain caused by an affair. This program combines stress management techniques with mind-body awareness practices to produce maximum results.
The only thing that closely relates to possible relationship trouble is in this tweet: MB: If I drink beer then batter you, does that make you beer battered?, Me: (eyes rolling), MB: Mmmmm beer battered girlfriend.
That's not a cry for help, people. That's just comedy.
Come on, Tweeters. Get with the program.


  1. BAH HA HA - Beer battered - that's a good one. I can imagine MB would be great to meet up with at the bar and have a few pints with... what a comic :)

    Twitter. I haven't ventured there yet. I feel like you have a love/hate relationship with it. I just don't really get it, but maybe I should join the bandwagon... what do you think?

  2. Hey PPiP! I don't even use twitter as much as I should. I really haven't found it to be a great social networking site. Maybe that's because I'm not using it correctly or people just don't want to reply to what I say!
    It cracks me up though that every time I post something, I get a new weird follower.
    I do like to read the snippets of other people's lives. That's fun.

  3. Happy SITS Sunday!
    Just stopping over since you stopped at my blog and commented on my bags.

    That's funny! Beer battered. Ha!

    Until I required approval on my Twitter for people to follow me, I got all kinds of weird followers. After one too many adult oriented followers, however, I decided to censor them! I don't need a girlfriend, because my husband is all I need! Ha! It's probably someone out there trying to get more followers or attention or whatever.

    But still. Wow. Weirdos.

  4. Ha! LOL! You are funny- I am just laughing out loud in my kitchen reading all your posts. Found you thru SITS and now I am a follower because I need a good laugh! Hope you have a great day and come visit if you get the chance! XOXO Jessica


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