Thursday, April 15, 2010

Giant stress balls and imaginary soft serve.

So, I spent the evening in the crisis unit. Good times. The only thing I can say is thank God for my mental health. Some clients that we see are so sick it just breaks my heart.
But, enough about that. I'm trying to put it out of my head so I can sleep without having dreams of my patients.
Did you know that I am a giant stress ball who replays work stress in her dreams?
It's true.
In fact, I was recently reminiscing with some friends at the ice cream place where I used to work. They reminded me how I used to sleep serve. That's where I would be working like a crazy woman to the point that I would dream that I was still at work. I would often wake up to find myself standing in the living room as if I was standing at the soft serve ice cream machine making cones. I'd even be walking around handing cones to my customers.
Yep. Awesome.
If I carry that much dream stress from scooping ice cream, just imagine how working with mentally ill patients in crisis affects me.
So, here I am watching Dog the Bounty Hunter and blogging.
Now, I'm going to have dreams about big boobs, super mullets and assault gear. I'm not really sure what that will translate into in a sleep walking state. There aren't any fugitives in my living room, that I know of.
Oh well.
I guess we'll find out.
Have any of you ever had work stress work it's way into your dreams?
If not, how else does such stress manifest itself in your life?
Do tell...


  1. hahaha, nice commentary about the Bounty Hunter, made me giggle.

  2. My friends are still having trouble leaving comments. Wtf?

  3. I do the dream stress problem too.. I work as a pediatric nurse and go home dreaming crying babies and monitors alarming. It makes for a non-restful sleep to say the least!

  4. Maybe this is why I've always had such cazy dreams- I'm a stress case (haha)...

    Not sure there is any cure if this is your job though. I always thought there was money to be made from my nutso dreams. Maybe keep a pen and paper handy by your bed.

    Oh, saw you on a SITS discussion. I just made your 41st follower. Wahoo! Over the 40 hump.


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