Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Fatness made me do bad things this week.

Yep, that's right. Weigh in time again.
I was totally going to skip it because I know I've been really bad this week with my eating. But, avoiding the scale is how I got where I am. In order to decreased the fatness, I have to face the numbers.
So, here it is: 201.2. I'm up by 3.2. Ugh.

Btw, I'm way too tired to update the little weight ticker thingy right now because it's a full moon and the psych unit was just a wee bit chaotic tonight. I've had people punching walls, trying to escape, telling me how depressed they are while yucking it up and enjoying the latest issue of Southern Living and trying to convince me they are not crazy because people really are human trafficing their son and all the Haitian babies.
My brain can't handle updating ticker thingies, so you get the fat cat on the scale instead. Live with it.

Anypsychosis, on with the gain...
Am I surprised? Not really.
Am I disappointed? You betcha.
Am I willing to take an honest look at my mistakes and improve on them for a loss next Tuesday? Yeppers.

So, here list of fails this week. Be gentle with the judgey stuff, peeps. I'm only human.
1. I had no less than 3 turkey club sandwiches. No, not in one setting. You have no faith in me, do you? Sheesh.
2. I had approximately one pitcher of beer while playing trivia at the local pub. Not the light kind, either.
3. I partook (that's a word, right?) of the Indian buffet with MB.
4. I also partook (that's really fun to say - try it) of the chocolate covered raisins I found at the farmer's market. Boy, did I partook. Ugh.
5. I indulged in a bagel with cream cheese from Dunkin Donuts. Not the low fat cream cheese, either. The real stuff.

So, what did I do right?
1. I hiked 0.7 miles with MB on a trail that we haven't hiked in a year.
2. I drank a decent amount of water.
3. I started my blood pressure medication again (it's for migraines and I'm super bad at taking it like I'm supposed to).
4. I didn't eat my entire entree at Olive Garden (add that little outing to my list of fails). I only ate half and saved the rest for the next day.
5. I parked all the way across the parking lot and walked to the sporting goods store to buy hiking gear.

It really hasn't been a good week for me as far as my healthy habits. It's okay though. I'm super aware of what I need to do and I do have a few good losses under my belt to keep me moving in the right direction. This little setback is no big deal.
Goals for this week:
-Move more with Slim in 6 and at least one hike on the trails.
-Plan and track all that goes into my mouth.
-Just enjoy the weather and focus on non food leisure activities like planting flowers, puppers time and of course blogging. Duh!

And by all means, No Chocolate Covered Raisins from the Farmers Market!


  1. Not trying to be crude or anything but if I eat too many raisins every meal I ate before them flows right back out, instant weight loss! Ha!......
    Sounds like a good week to me!-Mismaelstrom

  2. Hey. You're 1 pound over my ultimate goal weight. To do that, I have to lose 123 more pounds. And you know what? I just about bet you can beat me to 200 pounds.


  3. You did a lot of things right! And I think it's great that you are listing everything here to keep yourself accountable. 3.2 isn't that terrible of a gain...if you stick to the good stuff you're doing, you'll probably be down that much by next week. :) (Keep up with the water thing! That's the hardest for me!)

  4. You're amazing. At least you can identify what you did wrong and therefore avoid it in the future.


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