Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weigh in.

My new weigh in day is going to be Tuesday. No, this has nothing to do with me procrastinating or avoiding or anything like that (silly naysayers and your naysaying). I'm actually being practical.

I originally chose Saturday as my weigh in day as an homage to my Fat Club days. But, in truly pondering those days, I remembered something. Saturday morning was my weigh in and it was basically my excuse to pig out over the weekend. I figured the hard part was over, live it up!

No more sabotaging!

Plus, it seems I've been forgetting to weigh in on Saturdays and end up doing it on Tuesdays anyway. So, it all works out.

Anyway...(drumroll, please) 200!

All you skinny bitches out there can mock me all you want, I'm content with that number. After falling off the wagon (or is it on the wagon, I always screw that one up - doesn't matter, no wagon I know of is going to hold up under my fatass right now!) over the holidays, I'm glad to be down a little.

I have been sticking to my planned meals for the past couple days and it's helping. I made one of my favorite Fat Club meals - stuffed shells (email me for the recipe - it's yummy) - on Monday. I ate a low fat tortilla pizza/boli with fat free cheese and turkey pepperoni with a salad on Sunday and that was yummy too.

My meals disappointed me today, but I didn't go running for the border as I often have in the past. I ate my very runny 'creamy' mushroom soup and my dry spinach garlic couscous without complaint. Then I had more stuffed shells for dinner. And an apple pie flavored yogurt that had way too much cinnamon. Gritty yogurt is not appetizing at all, in case you were wondering.

But, whatever. I'm sucking down ice water like it was beer (mmm beer). I'm peeing more often than I want to be, but I'm sure I'll adjust sooner or later. Hopefully. I'm too young for 'adult diaper butt'.

Onward and upward for the coming week. Or should I say inward and downward? I really am bad at these things.

Later losers! (teeheehee)

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