Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's a start.

My intention was to begin my Healthy You Challenge by stepping on the scale and recording where I am. As you know, you can't really go forward without knowing where you are starting from.
That was my intention. However, that has not happened. Yet.

For some reason, I am really struggling with this. I think I'm in denial. I've spent the last several months avoiding the scale (and any form of exercise or healthy eating). And I've been very happy in my oblivion.

The pants are getting tighter - guess they're making them smaller nowadays, you know, skinny jeans are the style.
I'm getting short of breath walking the pup - wow, that cold air really makes you huff.
The car leans suspiciously to one side when I get in - really should get that looked at.

You know, all the usual fat girl mindgames.

Even when I work up the courage to weigh myself, I'm not so sure about posting my status. My eye is twitching just thinking about it. How do you all do it? Seriously.

I'm going to try and be brave though. I'm an adult, for the love of cupcakes, and I can do this!

While I'm trying to control my heartrate - let me focus on my small victories:
-the job kept me from gorging on sweet potato casserole and banana cream pies on turkey day.
-cupcakes taunted me at the movies this weekend (did you know they have cupcakes now? wtf?) and I resisted.
-the pup and I actually had a rain-free day to take a walk. yay!

There have been other losses, like the buttery popcorn that replaced the cupcake, but I'm choosing to shake them off. For now.

It's onward and upward! Well, not on the scale hopefully, but you get the point.

And to my fellow HYCers, thanks for the welcome! I'd love to hear from you all with any advice, encouraging words, recipes, etc.


  1. Welcome to HYC! YOU can do this! The scale-if you don't own your evil, you can't overcome it! :)

  2. Yes, welcome to HYC from me too!!!! I am currently in a slump right now so I'm probably the last person who should be giving advice, hahaha. But I do know that this is a process that takes a lifetime. Start with small changes and once something becomes a habit, add something new.

    Also, I am one of those people who posts their weight every week. It was scary the first time. Once I was able to post a loss, though, it was incredible, and makes every week exciting. It is a great way to stay accountable!

  3. Thanks for the support, guys!
    I know I can do it too because I've done it before. And I loved how it felt. How I felt. I just didn't maintain it and now have to start over. Ugh.
    My first goal is to post my weight. Saturday was always my weigh in day when I was on track. So, Saturday it is!
    See you then!

  4. the trick to just about anything weight related is just continuity. you post your weight once, you do it again, and again.

    right now my challenge is being able to post my measurments. i dont know why this should be any different than posting my weight, but it is just mortifying for me.

    thanks for following!

  5. Hi There!

    Just came across your blog and was instantly attracted to it cause of the pup picture- is that a husky?! I have a Sib. husky who is 6 months old. She is a little stinker, but a GREAT exercise buddy! :)

    I am just starting my "weight loss journey" as well and would love to be able to support you through it! Come stop by my page anytime if youd like!


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