Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Stream of Randomness

I would have titled this post 'Sunday Stream of Consciousness'  if it didn't cause such horrible flashbacks of the time I read American Psycho.  That was an awful read.  Shame.  I really like Huey Lewis. 

It is very challenging to respect your elders when your elders choose to take advantage of your respect so they can satisfy their own needs at your expense.  Case in point: I worked last night with one of my elder coworkers who basically had me running around like a circus monkey all night long and then left early.  His excuse was that he had worked a double.  So had I! 
It's a good thing I have manners.  Although, I'm working my second double in a row today, so my manners may be lacking when I work with him tonight. 
Circus monkey revenge! 

The mouse on this computer does not seem to like this page.  I keep having to use those arrow key thingys (thingies?) like an animal.  AN ANIMAL! 

My hounds have been waking me up at 4am for the past 3 days, wanting breakfast.  Normally, they get up to eat around 5:30 am which is when I get up for work. They often get up at 4am just to test me, but I make them wait for food until 5:30am because 4am is ridiculous.
However, the past 3 days, I have been too exhausted to argue with them and I fear I may have created a new pattern of deviant dog behavior.

The hounds have a system to alert me when they need me to wake up and tend to their needs. The fat one flops himself on top of me.  If I don't respond immediately, he repeatedly lifts himself up and flops down harder until I respond. 
It's awesome. 

I don't really care for hashtags, mainly because I don't understand them and their usefulness in our supposedly civilized society.  #suckitinternets

A local hospital sales rep just delivered a tub of sugar cookies and I have only eaten one so far.  I consider that a win for the day.

My coworker and I are applauding ourselves for not having killed our other coworker who apparently has no concept of social cues.  When someone is about to stab me with a paper clip that has been fashioned into a deadly weapon, I tend to pick up on it pretty quickly and leave them alone. 
Also, I've been sitting here fashioning a paper clip into a deadly weapon for the past four hours while she's been chatting away about whatever nonsense.  Really?  Not picking up on that, Sunshine? 
Perhaps a paper clip to the eye would be justified.

I despise when I'm reading a book that has been made into a movie and they put pictures of the actors on the cover.  If forces me to picture those particular actors instead of George Clooney and Myself, who are my standard love scene inserts.   

I'm feeling very full of randomness today.  #sleepdeprivation

I still have 11.25 hours to go on this marathon work day and I'm starting to lose what little sense of sanity and rational thought I may have had.  This does not bode well. 

There is a fat cat living in the courtyard of our office and I have named him Hal, which is short for hallucinations.  I feel that's an appropriate name for a cat living in the courtyard of a psychiatric facility. 

I have yet to figure out how Hal got into the courtyard and whether he has the ability to get out of the courtyard or not.  That damn cat is a complete mystery to me and I love him for it. 

Hal is staring at me through the window right now.  It's like he can sense that I'm talking about him.  That's not creepy at all. 

Only another sugar cookie can cure me of the sudden onset Hal paranoia. 

Thank you for participating in my stream of randomness.  I hope you are all having a lovely Sunday, free of creepy cats, annoying coworkers and sleep deprivation but full of sugar cookies.  And fuzzy pajamas.  That is my wish for you all. 


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