Monday, August 6, 2012

Let the annihilation begin!

Turning the long empty guest room into my new pantry is proving more difficult than I realized.  Apparently, the spiders have decided to claim it as their own.

I knew there would be some spiders in there.  The room has been empty for several months now and these things happen.  I had no idea it had reached infestation level so quickly though.

My attempt to attack the future pantry with Raid was short lived.  As I began to spray, the horde began to scatter.  They were coming from the floorboards, the ceiling, the walls, the shelves.  It was a full scale attack!  I was surrounded on all sides! 

My only option was to retreat.  I ran out of the room, screaming and flailing and maybe even crying a little.  I still feel like there may be a spider in my hair. 

How many times can you whack yourself in the head without causing permanent damage? 

I am abandoning the future pantry project for now while awaiting the return of MB.  He will be assigned the task of spider annihilation as there is no way in hell I'm going back in there without full riot gear. 

I'm a little worried that MB isn't going to be sympathetic to my plight.  When I told him there were slugs in the laundry room (I know! Eww!), he showed no interest.  When I showed him the slugs, he still showed no interest.  I asked him why they would even be in the laundry room and he said, "because they don't like you". 

Maybe I should just hire an exterminator.  I wonder if any of them would work for cupcakes. 

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