Friday, May 13, 2011

The opportunistic Siberian Princess.

So, the backyard gate lost all of it's integrity on Friday and fell completely over. I realized this when it had been a half hour or so since I heard the jingling of the pup's tags.

When we are home, we leave the back door open so she can go in and out and wander around in the yard. She usually makes her rounds out there and then comes inside to make sure I'm still here and then back outside and lather, rinse, repeat.

If you don't here the jingly tags, something is wrong. She's always pacing back and forth somewhere. Jingly dog tags are the background noise of our lives.

Anywhereismylittlefuzzygirl, I looked outside to see what kind of trouble she had gotten into - fallen into the pond, got stuck behind a bush, etc. Sometimes problem solving isn't one of her strengths.

Of course, when I saw the collapsed gate, I freaked a little and yelled for MB. We both checked the yard and house one more time before starting our search. Since our pup is deaf and therefore doesn't always come when you call, she could've very well been somewhere ignoring us.

She wasn't.

We both knew she hadn't really run away so much as she just wandered away. She wouldn't have put any effort into escaping, but when presented with an opportunity to escape, she would definitely take it.

"Ooh. This is new. I wonder what's out here. Ooh, a bird. Ooh, a cat. Ooh, I smell garbage."

Yeah. She could be anywhere.

He took the car in one direction and I went on foot in the other direction.

I'm not really sure why I was calling her name...considering the deafness and all. Sometimes problem solving isn't one of my strengths.

I decided to make my way to the park, taking the path that Skye and I always take for our walks. It made sense to me.

As I walked and called her name and walked some more, I started to get a little panicked. My poor deaf, autistic princess was out in the wild...anything could've happened.

I had a mental picture of her being taken in by the cat hoarder or some other such annoying neighbor. In my head, she was already pacing through their home, denying them affection and waking them up at 3am to go outside with her stinky dog breath in their face. Before you know it, she'd be eating all their tissues and farting while they tried to watch tv.

My poor princess. No one else would ever accept your ways like we do.

As I made my way to the park, MB comes pulling up in the car. I wasn't sure what to expect, but prepared for the worse, because I'm nothing if not a drama queen when it comes to the pup.

As he pulls up, I see her furry little butt in the back seat.

Thank God.

He said he found her around the corner, sniffing a neighbor's garbage cans.

Really? You gain freedom for an hour and this is what you do with it?!


We took her home where we both tried to give her kisses and love on her a little, but she wasn't having it. She's stingy with her affection and she wasn't feeling it at that moment. She just turned her nose up at us and wondered why the hell we weren't letting her back into the yard.

The fence is now propped up by a couple rocks from pond, a bucket full of rain water and trash can full of yard waste.

I'd like to see her breach that.



  1. Meep! SO glad you found her! <3

  2. so glad you found your beautiful girl!

  3. Amazing how they can cause heart failure in such a short amount of time! SO glad you found her not too far away. Obviously SHE didn't think she was lost and you cut her adventures short....ahh..the teen years. Such angst!

    Made me laugh when you mentioned called her name whilst searching for her despite her deafness. Reminded me of being at the playground with the family over the weekend. My nephew was climbing the rockwall and doing that dangerous daredevil crap 7 year old boys do and I felt the need to say "MERCY! BE CAREFUL!" even though I knew it wouldnt' do a lick of good. I just knew I needed to say it in the event he did fall and crack his skull. Cause if I hadn't said it somehow I would've felt that if I'd uttered those words the outcome may have been different. Totally irrational, I know.

    See...totally the same thing as calling for your deaf dog but completely different. Whew... aren't you glad I stopped by?! *snort*


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