Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can I please buy a vowel, for the love of all things 90210?

I had a discouraging weigh in today and I'm venting my bitterness and frustration here. It's either that or I go get 7 pints of ice cream and wallow like a pig in sh*t.

No one wants that.

It smells.

So, in honor of my hatred for the scale today, I give you my reasons for wanting to give up forever on the Fat Fight...

You know what? That's so counter productive.

Instead, can we talk about Jeopardy?

I watched it tonight for the first time in a really long time. It was purely by accident too. When my dvr'd show was over, the channel that came up was the channel that airs Jeopardy.

I heard the category '90's television' and I had to watch.

After approximately 2 minutes, I was $-1700. Who the hell knows this sh*t?! Why isn't anyone choosing the '90's television' category?!


So, anyway, I think it was the Stoner Reject edition of Jeopardy. In the first segment alone, the following things happened...

...7 separate incidents where the contestants buzzed in and then stared blankly at Alex until the time ran out.

...the woman in the middle chose a category but forgot to choose an amount.

...the woman in the middle answered without buzzing in and then just kept talking even as the guy on the left was actually buzzing in and answering.

...the guy on the end admitted to winning some sort of used hibachi grill in a contest involving...who the hell really cares. Seriously? This is your Jeopardy story? Come on!

...the woman in the middle changed her name to Turd Ferguson.

...both of the guys were at negative amounts approximately 13 seconds into the game.

...the woman in the middle just gave up, sat down on the floor and started dropping acid.

...the guy on the right got his face eaten off by the woman in the middle who thought that he was a giant chocolate bunny.

...Alex may or may not have lost a limb in a similar fashion.

It was about that time that I switched over to Wheel of Fortune.

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  1. LOL...
    we watched it (Jeopardy) the other night, and actually answered some questions that the contestants couldn't answer. I told my hubby, "we're simple smart."


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