Sunday, March 13, 2011

Don't throw the guinea pig out with the bathwater. . .or something.

Hi peeps!

I've been away a few days, if you hadn't noticed.

Things are good. I've just been busy. Work has been busy and I've been out doing stuff most of the week.

I actually did something that I have to share with you all but I'm too tired to do it now. It will have to wait until tomorrow.


I'm trying to stay warm right now because it's freakin cold in here. Earlier, I decided to take a nice hot bubble bath but that didn't work out so well.

MB had taken a hot bath before I did, but I didn't think he had used ALL the hot water. Apparently he did.


My nice hot bubbly de-stressing soak turned into me just sitting in a lukewarm pool of my own filth for no good reason at all.

Not what I was going for.

I think I'm going to go get my snuggi and watch Hoarders while enveloped in it's pink fuzzy comfort.

Actually, I may not watch Hoarders. I'm 15 minutes in to this episode and I'm already yelling at the tv and pulling my hair out.

They're eating dinner in their car for crying out loud! It's the only space they have to eat!! What's for dinner?!?! It's pasta with mayonnaise and peas!!! This is too much for me.

I won't even mention the guinea pig on the bed. It will definitely send me into stroke mode.

I might need another lukewarm filth soak if I don't change the channel soon.

Later peeps.
Hope you are having a good weekend. ;)


  1. I love Hoarders... makes me feel like I've got the cleanest house in the country.
    Which brings me to 'Clean House'... I'm sure some of those people should be on Hoarders. lol
    Okay... pasta with peas and mayo?

  2. Sometimes I can hardly pry myself away from Hoarders ever though it's so disgusting.


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