Saturday, January 8, 2011

Is that shag carpet in the kitchen? Groovy.

My kitchen is in a state of disarray and it's making me a little wacky.

This is my lovely 1974 kitchen in all of it's glory.

I don't hate my kitchen.
Not really.
Not in the way that I hate spiders. Or hooligans. Or intrusive neighbors. Or pajama clad grocery shoppers.
The hatred I have for my kitchen is a whole different kind of hate.

It's a hate based on love.
The kitchen is one of my favorite places in the home. It's a room I love.

There is food there. What's not to love?

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. I try to nurture my kitchen. I keep it stocked with all the coolest gadgets. I make all my favorite recipes there. I serve the ones I love from there.

I do my very best to make the kitchen pretty, despite it's 1974 decor.

I do this while longing to be able to strip away the oh so brown particle board cabinets. Tear out the fake marble counter top. Rip out the tile that is patterned in gold, green, orange and yellow.

Alas, my poor little budget won't allow me to do the things I want to do in that kitchen that I loathe.

So, I make the best of it and pray to the Powerball Gods that they will shower me with kitchen renovating money.

All I ask is that my kitchen be kind in return and remain...functional.

Lately, my kitchen has not been holding up it's end of the bargain.

This is my dishwasher...

It is currently dismantled and will not be repaired until MB and I can figure out how the hell to fix it. Given our level of skill with regards to dishwasher repair, I'll be hand washing dishes for the rest of my life and my dishwasher will become a very handy place to store plates.


This is the third drawer down to the right of the sink...

You may notice that it doesn't appear to be to the right of the sink at this moment. It happens to be relaxing on my counter because it is falling apart. First the bottom fell out and then the entire side fell off, rendering it completely useless.


This is the cabinet that holds my strainers, saute pans and other important cooking apparatus...

It happens to also be next to the hole where that useless drawer should be. The cabinet door is barely hanging on for dear life after the hinge fell out for the 700th time. It's to the point now that we are basically screwing nothing into nothing and the door is completely useless.


All of this kitchen chaos is wreaking havoc on my sanity. If one more thing breaks, I think it may push me over the edge.

Powerball Gods - What the heck are you waiting for?!!!?!!! Help a girl out already!!!

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