Friday, December 31, 2010

This should be a warning for MB.

So, MB and I got married.

It was a small ceremony.

Well, it really wasn't a ceremony at all. He just kinda proposed and then I had to choose whether to accept that proposal or not and then our ring fingers seemed to have a glow about them and then we were married.

Then, we had to find a place to live. We went to this little village to look for a house.

While we were there, we went into this little shop and things kinda got off track.

There was some woman there who kept giggling at MB's jokes and batting her eyes at him and basically humping him right in front of me.

I really didn't want to kill this woman right there in the shop. I decided a distraction would be better.

So, I started to run around them in a circle until they ceased their adulterous betrayal and noticed me.

It's really the best thing I could come up with, given the circumstances.

Apparently, when you behave in such a manner in an establishment such as this, you are labeled a trespasser and you are asked to leave.

Unfortunately, it all happened so fast, that I didn't really comprehend what was going on.

When the militia showed up to escort me off the premises, I immediately felt threatened. So, I took out my sword and started slashing away.

Of course, more militia showed up and I continued slashing away at them.

It was only after 6 soldiers lost their lives in bloody battle, that MB pointed out that I could simply apologize.

So, I apologized. Then, I was given the option to do community service. That's how I found myself making pies until I earned 5700 gold pieces.

That was a lot of pie.

After that little drama, we went off to buy our trailer and had unprotected sex to consummate the relationship.

It was pretty awesome. There were a lot of weird sounds and we couldn't really see anything, but you got the idea of what was happening.

The walk through the village the next morning was not so awesome. Apparently word had spread about my blood bath. Everyone we passed had something to say about all those kind, loyal soldiers that I slaughtered.

Bastards. I don't predict a block party anytime soon.

Anyway, my boobs look fantastic!

Isn't that what really matters?

Yes, we have totally been playing Fable III all week and yes, our characters did all of those things. We didn't.

Don't worry, MB's Mom. We wouldn't get married in real life and not tell you. I promise.

The sex sounds are a little weird and MB'a character basically makes out with his dog, but the rest of the game is really cool.

MB still thinks it's hilarious that I slaughtered 6 soldiers and had to bake pies to get out of it. He also thinks it's awesome that I actually want to play one of his xbox games with him.

Omg. MB might just be turning me into a gamer chick.



  1. When I read the first line in my reader, I was all "WHAT?!? O_O" Ya got me. Brat. lol

    I heartily deny Chebbar's assertion that simply playing ANY game (read: Angry Birds on my iPod, Tetris on facebook) makes me a "gamer." I refuse. (I think it's a losing battle.)

  2. I totally got hooked with Fable also! It's such a neat game.

    Once upon a time, I hated video games of any kind, and I've now been converted by my hubby. It isn't so bad on the dark side if you want to take the plunge! :)


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