Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello and good night.

Hi peeps!

I'm popping in to say hello before I get snuggled in for the night. It's cold in here and I can't wait to bury myself in the layers of fuzzy blankets in my bed.

I have tried to write a few coherent posts tonight, but I keep getting distracted. First it was facebook. Then it was tv. Then it was the sound of the mouse trap capturing the little rodent who has been terrorizing our kitchen for the past week.


Now, I'm just cold. There isn't heat in our living room. It's sad. Plus, MB won't really let me turn the heat on. I have to do it covertly.

It's no way to live.

So, I'm taking my cold little self to bed so I can feel my toes again.

Good night.

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