Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fatness gets frozen.

Hey peeps. It's weigh in time again.
I gained 1 pound. I'm okay with that though. I was on the road all weekend with no way to plan meals or anything. 1 pound is totally okay.

I got a fair amount of exercise this week in the form of yard work. I also went hiking in the mountains with MB.

That's where I pretty much freaked out due to my fear of heights. Well, really it's the fear of falling down a mountain and being left to die in a ravine because I'm too fat for MB to carry to safety. Reasonable fear, I think.

I knew I had a fear of heights after the humiliation of the rock gym which you can read about here. That was super embarrassing because it happened in front of a gym full of rock climbing pros as I was stuck halfway up the wall, unable to move one way or the other.

The mountain thing came on as we took our first steps on the path leading down the mountain. It got worse and worse until I found myself frozen on the side of the mountain, unable to move one way or the other. I couldn't see anything but the stream way down at the bottom and all the trees I'd be breaking limbs on as I rolled down into that stream to my inevitable demise.

Dramatic? I don't think so. I've seen Survivorman. I know what can happen.

Thank God for MB and his tolerance of my neuroses. Without his patience and encouragement, I would probably still be on that mountain. I love that man. He taught me the importance of taking one step at a time and not looking down. He also reminded me that the pup was climbing with us and if she could do it, I could do it.

That only made me feel slightly better considering her little incident the previous night.

We stayed in the upstairs bedroom at MB's Mom's house and she had to climb the very steep hardwood steps up to the room. She tends to be pretty clumsy when it comes to stairs, especially steep, slippery ones.

She gets halfway up the steps and stops. She freezes. She can't go up or down. She just looks at us and then...falls. All the way down to the landing. Thankfully, another dog broke her fall and no one got hurt.

Of course, I then had to coax her to go back up the stairs. Then, MB had to practically carry her down again in the morning. She was a little furry ball of anxiety. It was pitiful. Heartbreaking.

Yet another reason she is the dog for me. We are both little neurotic anxiety ridden klutzes. Poor MB. That man is a saint.


  1. It may seem strange to be congratulated on a gain, but I'm going to do it anyway: Congratulations!!! 1 pound could have been SOOOO much worse and even more than that congratulations on having a great attitude about it :)

  2. Muscle weighs more than fat.. so. gaining one lb may be a really good thing..

    muscle burns calories fast than fat.. so. gaining one lb.. may be a really good thing..

    Gin burns calories... gin is a really good thing..

  3. I agree with the could just be gaining muscle, which is a VERY good thing!!

    Good for you for conquering your fear of heights also. I would have been lying on the ground crying. I'm not good with such things either.


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