Sunday, March 7, 2010

Is that a dead gazelle or are you just happy to see me?

Here are some more romantic musings from MB. Enjoy.

As I went in for a kiss goodnight:
MB: When did you eat dead gazelle?
Apparently I hadn't brushed my teeth yet.

As we were discussing my reluctance to join MB in a game of Dungeons and Dragons (which I will be posting about later):
Me: It's just not my thing. What's it called again? A role playing game?
MB: Yeah. You can do it. You role play all the time.
Me: I never role play. I'm way too cool for those nerdy game things.
MB: See? Right there. You think you're cool. Role playing.

In the middle of the night after I apparently said something in my sleep about something being on my face:
MB: (yanking the blanket off of me) Here! I'll solve the problem! How's your face now!

That's my baby!

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