Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the award goes to...

I got this adorable little award not too long ago from Gun Diva, who is super funny and comments pretty frequently on Girly Bitz. I am always appreciative of that and I thank her very much for this award.
I always try to visit my favorite blogs and leave a comment or two. Just to let y'all know I'm still reading. In case you care.
Anyway, the rules are to pass this award on to 10 other bloggers. I have really been struggling with this all week. You see, I have some pretty faithful commenters. But, I don't really get that many comments.
Nor do I have that many followers. I have quite a few readers but for some reason they are afraid to admit that or to come out of the Girly Bitz closet and become followers. Some of these closet readers are MB's friends or family who read and tell MB what they think but still keep it in the closet.
I'm okay with that. Some guys just don't want to admit that they read a pink blog titled Girly Bitz. It's just not cool.
Sorry, boys. I'm not manning up anything for you.
Anyway, I am sad to say that I am only giving this award to 5 people. There are others who sporadically comment, but these 5 have been consistent in their commenting and support. To them, I would like to say thank you and please keep it coming. :)
To the others, I would like to say thank you for reading and please comment. I do so love to hear from you guys. It doesn't have to be poignant and meaningful. Just let me know you are still out there. If you think I'm funny or annoying or distasteful or a lazy fatass who needs to get in gear already or a stupid loser who needs to find another hobby, please tell me. I welcome your input.
To the closet readers, it's time to come out! Be proud of who you are and what you read. Follow me and announce to everyone that you like Girly Bitz. It's not like announcing that you have crabs or the clap. Come on.
I will continue to stalk you closet peeps (you know who you are) until you comply so you might as well just do it.
Enough blabbering already and on with the bloggy love...
Chibi at Chibi Jeebs and the Neurotic Struggle
Dual Mom at We're at Dads That Week
Previously Plump at Previously Progress
Ampbsl at People are Interesting
Erin at The Xxl Files

Thanks guys! :)


  1. aww! thank you chicky! you are a huge support for me too! out of all the people that read my blog, i think i have the most in common with only a few people, you included!

    THANK YOU!!!

  2. Thanks... how sweet. I would first like to thank God, my husband who knows nothing about my blogs or doesn't care to know (cause i didn't tell him about it) ... and last but not least...Girly Bitz herself for providing me wonderful entertainment for which to comment on! ;)

  3. Awww you're so sweet! I'm going to have to check out those other ladies.

  4. WAHOO! Thanks doll! What a cute award, I love it :)

    I love that you're rewarding me for laughing my pants off from your blogging.


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