Tuesday, November 10, 2009

weekend update

I feel like it's only Monday. My plans for a lazy weekend didn't pan out and I think it's got me all out of whack.
Saturday, I was awakened long before I wanted to be. Apparently if other people in the house are awake, I should be too. Never mind that I am extra careful to be quiet when they (really it's just 'he' but I'm trying to be less critical of him in my blog) are sleeping.
It never works because I inevitably end up doing something really loud and clutzy like breaking dishes or tripping down the stairs or falling over the dog into the furniture. Then giggling like crazy over my own silliness or cussing up a storm because falling hurts sometimes. At least I try to be quiet.
So, I get awakened and invited to breakfast. Which is always nice. I can't complain about that. Of course, this took much longer than anticipated because the local diner was busy. We drove out of town to find a diner that was not as busy. We are not people who wait in restaurants. It's just not our thing.
During our outing, I was informed that the Top Chef dinner I had heard so much about was that evening. The rule is that if you attend, you have to bring a dish. The ingredient for the night was honey, as chosen by my very own honey after his Top Chef victory the previous month.
Even though it was last minute, I had to come up with a dish or stay home and be ostracized. So, I spent the rest of the afternoon letting my betrothed tell me how to braise stuff and what to put in my dessert (because he is the master improvisational chef where I am the ocd stick to the recipe queen). It was a very tasty dessert of vanilla ice cream over a gingersnap crumble covered with honey braised pears and topped with honey toasted pecans. I know, right?! I was impressed with myself. Of course, I didn't even place in the competition. Bastards!
Oh well. I got to eat some pretty delicious food, so it's okay.
Sunday, I slept in only as late as the pup would allow me to. She's begun to whine directly into my face as that seems to have the most impact. I may need to switch sides and sleep against the wall. My side is much too accessible.
I attempted to have a really lazy Sunday but my ocd got the best of me. I watched two movies in my pj's in the recliner (no, not your recliner, baby) before I had to give in to the little voice. "Those curtains look really dusty. What's it been...a year since they were washed?"
So, I washed the curtains. Then cleaned the windows. Then dusted the ledges. Then reorganized all the books. And dusted the chess set. And cleared all the cobwebs from the ceiling. Dammit! Stupid conscience.
Next time, I'm just going to drink away the little voice so I can continue with my crappy horror movie marathon.
In case you're interested, Dead and Breakfast looks like a classic. I'd be able to give you a better review, but you know, the voice and all.

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