Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things that I liked about today:
-I had tasty Indian food with my betrothed for lunch and they had these yummy fried lentil things on the buffet. Mmm. Fried lentils.

-Laundry got done without any spider encounters. (except for the dead one that was on the cap of the spray bottle I had to fish out from behind the dryer with a hammer so I wouldn't touch the dead spider)

-There were no cats in my yard.

-The cat that was in the neighbor's yard, threatening to jump into my yard did not because he could sense the potential danger from my angry glare.

-None of the neighbors saw me glaring angrily at the cat like a crazy woman (who may or may not have been armed with a spray bottle of water/carpet freshener/cat repellent).

-I just ate a Hershey's kiss. Mmmm. Chocolate.

-I did not run over the little punks who were hanging out in the middle of the street (engaged in some sort of jackassery, I'm sure) as I was trying to exit my neighborhood.

-I did not have rocks thrown at my car as I openly cursed the little punks whose jackassery was impeding my route to work.

-I got to use the word 'jackassery'. Three times.

-My car smells a little less like stinky feet than it did yesterday (no, they weren't my feet).

-My betrothed is secure enough with himself and our relationship to air out his stinky feet, shame free.

-I am engaged to a truly forgiving man who understands that I love him dearly (stink and all) no matter what I say while under the influence of fried lentils and chocolate kisses.

-I am tweeting now. (That's right, I'm bff's with all my favorite celebrities.) (How many tweets does it take to be considered a stalker?) (And can you tweet from jail?)

-I had an almond cookie earlier. (I'm only mentioning it now because in realizing that there are no kisses left, I'm truly appreciating the deliciousness of the almond cookie.)

-My coworker just showed me a picture of a tiny little platinum heart that someone had surgically implanted in their eyeball. (I know, right?!) (It makes me feel pretty good - I'm fat, but I'm not crazy.) (At least not platinum heart in the eyeball crazy!)

Anything you liked about your day?
Do tell...


  1. It was my birthday! I liked that...well, no, not really, because I turned older, but I liked the presents! :-) You needed a comment, so I gave you one.

  2. Presents are always good! Thanks for the comment.


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