Friday, November 27, 2009

I miss mix tapes. Does that make me a weirdo? I don't even care. I long for the time of mix tapes. What better way to express your love for someone?
Too nervous to tell them how you feel?
Too shy to put on the moves?
Too prepubescent to really know what the moves are?
Or to have the goods to make the moves work?
Make a mix tape.
It's really a great idea. Such a good way to learn about your potential beau before you actually commit to 'going out'. The mix tape is really what makes or breaks the relationship.
The mix tape is how I found meaning in the lyrics of Robert Smith (you know, The Cure, come on people!). Someone once made me a mix tape with Cure songs and there was hidden meaning in each and every song. Swear to God.
It's like he went to Robert Smith and said 'Hey, I'm like totally in love with this girl, but I'm too afraid to tell her, because she's like the coolest girl ever, but not cool like all the popular pretty girls, so like I can never go out with her, but I totally want her to know that I love her and if it wasn't for society and stupid standards set by mtv, I would totally go out with her and take her to prom and we would live happily ever after, like the dorky but way cool girl and the popular guy in the 80's movie, you know, but I can't do that because I really like being cool, but I still want this chick to know how much I love her. Can you write a song for that?"
And Robert Smith did it. Because he believes in true love.
I can't tell you which song(s) are for me, because that would totally ruin it. Just know that Disintegration is my favorite Cure album. When I added it to my Zune recently and listened to it for the first time in forever, I remembered. And I knew. That somewhere, that guy is married to some hot chick, with a couple kids and a nice house, and maybe a fancy car. He seems happy, but somewhere in the back of his mind, he still pines for the love of that not so cool girl who stole his heart. The girl he couldn't go out with because all the cool kids would've ragged on him nonstop.
Of course, in retrospect, I would think that if he was my true love, he would've stood up to those jerks and swept me off my feet anyway. I mean, I may not have been hot stuff back then, but I sure am lukewarm now. I think I was worth the humiliation. Those cool jerks always come around anyway. They would've seen my true coolness and accepted me as their own. Did he even see one single 80's movie?
Wtf?! I think I may hate the Cure now.
Come to think of it, mix tapes are why I hate Shania Twain. I was dating a guy who gave me a copy of his own personal mix tape of favorites. He made it for his own listening pleasure, not to express any love for me. As I realized upon listening. One of his favorites was the 'I feel like a woman' song. Seriously. What a loser.
I think I may hate mix tapes now. Dammit!
The only thing to do is bring them back. And I'm doing it, with a vengeance.
Christmas gifts - done.
Birthday presents - done.
Congratulations - done.
Neighbor hate mail - done.
Coworker intervention - done.
This is going to be the most awesome thing ever.
Does anyone know where I can find the mass amounts of cassette tapes I will need? And the outdated equipment? I'm willing to pay top dollar.
I'll even take requests. Who would get your mix tape and what would be on it?
*If you are too young to know what the hell I'm talking about, please don't respond. It will only embarrass me. And no one wants that.


  1. I got one from my hubby ...we were 18 then... omg flashbacks... i do remember Cheap Trick and Joan Jett being on it. LOL

  2. You could make mix cd's? Or send the love of your life a link to your iMix?

    Technology really does make things more complicated, doesn't it?


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